Poetry Poem: The Mirror

Poetry Poem: The Mirror

Written by Liam

I’ve brought to you a glass

It carries all that you see

It carries the you

It carries me too

It’s how in this very instant, now

You realize, recognize Your reflection is me

I’m the partner of soul

I’m the you, you see

Singing bird in an iris sky

Laugh with joy, tear fills thy eye

Sight shines warm to a clear new day

The love you missed this found a way

To find its seeker

To find in you

A lover that left

You feeling blue

It’s in my reflection

The mirror in hand

You gazed in deep

It’s here you found

Not what you lost

But what you were looking for.


Poetry Poem: The Seeker

Poetry Poem: The Seeker

The hardest battle I faced was myself
I’d been taught to call it a battle
I see now in fact
Life, is to surmount the turmoil
A searcher in the soul I have become
Answers quiet, deep and quick
Flow with the moment
Weaving these into a fluidity of how
It was never a battle, it was simply a missing vision
Casting now, this vision of responsibility into the waves
Actively searching for nutrition
To grow my perception, my sensitivity
To be true, to my heart.
To manifest joy, love and beauty
To be the seeker
To have found

Liam 2019

Poem: Evening Rest

Poem: Evening Rest

Evening Rest

As this day now leaves to lie,

Rays once warm they fill the sky.

In colors changing to heaven bright.

The blues to hues of reds, the white the golden might.

Of a day departed and with me too.

One more moment of bliss complete.

Of touch and love of fleeting happy you.

Yes, you an angel dancing high.

Dancing clouds you cross my eye .

Your horizon lies with me this day.

You fill the night with a starry sky,

with sparks,

with thoughts,

with dreams,

with intervening flashes we unite.

Build a picture, a cosmology ,

A heaven, a party book of light.

Closing now my eyes to sleep

The wonder in my breast I’ll keep.

Till waking neigh on mornings wing

A new, a day together we’ll sing.

Liam July 2017

Poem: Why we Work?

Poem: Why we work?

As the minutes hours & the day,
pass along go their way
Happy is that which lets me share.
Words, my words
So deep , so strong, and fair,
Feelings had, the fun the care.
Spent with you, through you,
Though not here nor there,
nor anywhere like near.

You are far away from me in body,
But hidden in my heart, the bud.

Full blossomed bearing strong.

Begins to unfold.

Smiling my lips recall a time,
Fun filled joy, simply knowing.
You are still deep in mine.
Mine to behold, hold and inspire.

My day, the way I hold my pen,
My word, unspoken but still heard.
“Rings chimes sings”
My heart, the start, the fundamental  plot.

Why WE work!

The chemistry of our bones.
The different soil of our DNA.

The fundamental spirituality which cements our togetherness.

Liam November 2018