Poem Poetry: Rumi “If you want love do not hide from the self.“

Poem Poetry: Rumi

“If you want love do not hide from the self.“

Stretch your face to my warming light

These penetrant rays will revive

Rejuvenate, activate inspiration in myself

Not hiding, but striving towards love

I want this exuberance in you too.

The corner dark and dreary, inconspicuous where you hide

Waiting, for love lost whilst not in stride

It’s it’s …. not really me at all in hiding

This self camouflaged in moldy drab

Enough I have of bad

Enough isolation in myself

The sad recognition, so alone in me I’ve had .


„Love is not what I here will find, Love is that which shines!“

I stretch my face to your love

Mine no longer hidden but free

Free of constraints which prevented self to see

Love is everything and everywhere in me.

“If you want love, do not hide within who you see.“

Liam July 2019


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