Poetry Poem: Recognition

Poem: Recognition

Should I receive you and in the instant

In this moment of perception

Touch a star-which shines so bright within thy eye.

It’s mine which will rejoice, our moment of Self-recognition is no choice

We were irrevocably meant to match.

For its in this beauty, in this becoming together

We are true partners of the soul

Some call this love

Some laughing sigh

Some feel the streak moist

Which runs down from my eye

More than recognition it’s subtlety which flows Tinkling through my heart.

Light shines brighter

My feet move lighter

Hand in mine we embrace this life the universe the strife

Radiate to renew the crippled the stunted view

Help to awake the gentle genius in us all

Call call call the trumpets

Beaming out for all to hear

For all to renegotiate this contract captured life

Unlock unbind unwind the pain the past

The future glows in gold to liberate the past .

At last!

Liam June 2019


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