Poem poetry: Awakening

Poem poetry: Awakening

Rolling hills take my eye to the dawn

Fields bear crop to a waking morn

Pink like a ladies negligee

Dawn is clothed by the dewy new day

Misty webs streak the tilled soft brown

While spiders creep across the fresh tilled ground

Chirping lark ring fills my view.

I stretch I yawn I sip my tea

I’ve lost that dream night gave to me

New enfolds this sight,this sound, this morning life

Wakeful mindful thoughts not strife

To start the task, the vision, the way

Awakening filled perceive again

Life in all,life in me, life it’s here

It’s all we see,

So sensitive, abounds in shimmering light

Awaken now the time is right.

Liam June 2019


One thought on “Poem poetry: Awakening

  1. Love this poem ☀️


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