Poem: About INSIGHT

Poem: About Insight

 In a moment, waking not from sleep

But in thoughts caught up with yesterday’s complexity. 

A breeze lifts my sight 

Quietly admitting the light.

A flower unfolds 

Revealing the subtle frailty.

The intimacy of understanding.

Insight into tomorrow’s story.

Insight into that

Tweaking my puzzledness 

Ah Haaaa!

Did you hear, Ureaka!

Unpremeditated it worked.

 Not a trumpet call

It’s the steady focus

Me pushing forward into the depths.

Snooping around in the subconscious 

Collecting crumbs, fragments 

minuscule titbits .

It’s in the letting go

Flowing forward into the idea

It answers

Like sweetly picking a ripe berry

Then enjoying that rush of taste



#Liam August 2018


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  1. all you guys &!Girls. Comments are always an inspiration!


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