Poetry: About Patience

Poem: About Patience


You have to do things on

your own, 

the quiet undisturbed development, comes from deep inside

and push’s through this all.

Nor can it be accelerated,

everything is continuity and

then birth …

Or like the tree,

which doesn’t push its sap,

And stands confident in the storms of spring.


that the summer might not come.

It does!

it comes only to those with patience.

that are there, like the eternity before them,

so carefree, quiet and far off.

You have to have patience

With the unsolved in your heart,

and try to love the unanswered questions yourself,

like locked rooms, or books that are written in a strange languages.

It’s about living everything.

If you live the questions, you live gradually and

without noticing it,

a new day patiently 

Brings the answers.


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