Wisdom: Looping Thoughts

Wisdom: Trap of LOOPING thoughts

  1. the THOUGHTS we are making….
  2. form the FEELINGS we are creating…
  3. activate the DEEDS we are doing….
  4. support the THOUGHTS we are making … etc. 

Change your thought patterns, you change your feelings which changes your actions.. . Etc.



Poem: Happiness


My happiness comes FROM me not too me.

Happiness is my choice, 

Not a result.

Nothing can make me happy UNTIL  I choose happiness.

No person can make me happy UNTIL I decide to be happy.

My happiness comes FROM me not too me.

It’s simple really, share your smile.

It’s beautifully infectious.

It’s infectiously contagious.

Liam 😊

WISDOM: the Seed

Wisdom: the Seed

“After planting you cannot eat the fruit. “

First prepare your mind to set the seed.

The magic then happens while we grow.  

This will take time and perseverance.

It’s the light we strive towards , the soul we drink from and wisdom we are nourished by. 

Before sharing, let the fruit ripen in the warmth of your heart.

This abundance is to  be shared for you are always enough.



Wisdom: E.N.O.U.G.H.

I am enough

E. EVENTUALLY I’ve realized I am enough.

N. I’ll  NEVER forget I am enough.

O. It’s OVER I am enough.

U. It’s UNBELIEVABLE I am enough.

G.Its time to GO I am enough.

H. Home now forever I am enough.

Two of the most important words in your life, “ I AM”,

because what you put behind them, defines your reality. 

ENOUGH: Sufficient; all that is required, needed, or appropriate.

Poetry: AUTUMN

Poem : Autumn 

Autumns gold nips chilly at my finger tips,

Pale blue spreads fresh, across an open sky,

A Lark ring sings cheerful echoes passing by.

Peaceful captured , moment morning here am I.

The Beech crown sheds its leaf  so slow

Golden treasure scattered freely far below

While Chestnut throws in handfuls free, Brown round nuts, 

seeking happy children find with glee.

The wild rose,

reds & mauves now dry, 

 fragrant perfumed memory,

 paint my inner eye.

While rose hip swollen buds await the fearless touch.

From those whom thorns & jelly  mean so much.

Fields fresh shawn, grain set free.

Harvest past let merry be, 

the folk , the farmer , you & me

It’s time to take that cup of tea.

Autumns turning chime, the season here to be.

Eckernforde October 2012

Prose: A very short story.

Incredible ordinary

Sun came up and pulls the blankets from my bed, another incredible ordinary day. Ordinary plain simple uncomplicated and ordinary. I take a coffee as we all do, my senses bathing in that wake up shower of neuronic Stimulation. Incredible this simple done, delicious ordinary.

We all fan out across the lives we lead, doing the ordinary. Me this, you that, they the other. No questions asked it’s just plain ordinary stuff, which I find incredible . An ordinary lunch, mabey later an ordinary coffee, choose your flavors please they are incredible.

Day over, another ordinary day, another incredible ordinary day done.