Poetry: Be a Genius

Poem: Be a Genius 

Belief is powerful

Belief is strong

Go move a mountain,

Part the sea in a storm.

Believe in You

Believe in Me

Believe in who you aught to Be.

Share, care, show, flow…..grow!

The Picasso, I paint.

Bach’s prelude I initiate.

Einstein’s relativity I calculate .

Or Mr. Mandela instead…

Of a mouse, caught in mediocrity.

Shout out Who you are!

Blaze, rage like a shooting star.

Erupt,  be Vesuvius of your feeling found.

Genius, mine yours ours profound .

A mouse need not 

Like a lion roar or

A fish in heights a tree explore.

Yet in its bowl, 

With a mighty leap, 

Flee for the freedom which was asleep.

A mouse in the lion,

find its courage anew.

Define yourself…be you.

I find I

You find you 

Me find me

We find we

Let this day, and with it too.

Discover who I am anew….

Liam 2018


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