Poem: The imminent immortality

Poem: The imminent immortality.

In the frailty of this uncertain moment.

between the draw of a breath

The uncertain thud of my heart .

Me In waves I wonder why.

Why should it be I?

I who caught the chill.

The dark death filled thrill of disease .

It’s Inevitability, my fragility.

This uncertain momentary me.

Between the telephone calls.

Between the doctors stalled look.

Between the jagged stabs of self inflicted pity.

I wonder-where my soul

Will go, when my body

Turns the key

Turns away from life to die.

To let me go

To let me fly

To let infinity fill the view

To touch the eternity I once knew.

Loved shared laughed and grew.

From a lad from the family that made so glad, happy too.

Those days abundant care filled free.

Returns the chill to the now, of me.

Imminent this immortality.

Liam December 2017


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