Poem: The Insecurity

POEM: The Insecurity

I am vulnerable to the sharp wind.

It reminds me that I am alive and warm.

My hearts warmth is not to be stolen though or corrupted by my insecurities.

Shadows which brush my awakening.

Shade under which I try to hide from the heat of realization,

or is this recognition?

Uselessly irrelevant,

Knowledge spearpoints ambiguity’s indecisiveness.


Its cold which comprises me the most.

Creeping in from the periphery , fingers, toes, cheeks, nose.

Stealing into my marrow

I fight back to maintain me,

eyes fixed on the light,

-in the light .

Letting beams of love through.

Penetration speared clarity

Pins those squiggling doubts.

Wide eyed to the walls of my consciousness.

It’s the flame of hope which I’ll never let go of or dessert.

For I will pass this on to my children

The children of Mother Earth.

Liam 2018. March


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