Poetry: Peace

Poetry: Peace

by Liam

Each day, with my smile I awake

Eyes wide, then greet the dawn

The breeze sweet, new and fresh

Flowing from your caress

Lift the veil from Gods face

Just a moment in time and space

A graceful way to leave the night

The rising of the sun in flight

Greets me,

Calls “ Come laugh and love, another day to walk your path and find.”

“What?”, I cried

“Peace inside, the centre of your mind.”

Poetry: White Lilies

Poetry: White Lilies

by Liam

I live deeply in stillness

For in the morning as light wakes the bright white lilies

It’s this moment in the vividly shining stillness

That rejoicing my heart

Spills into the spring

Holding up the question of who gave God

The gift, the intrinsic moment of now?

Silence it whispered, listen deeply for this language needs no words

Just listen to the silence

Like White Lilies.

Poetry: Field of Flowers

Poetry: Field of Flowers

by Liam

All I own will be here when I’m gone

Out walking with the angels

Here to be sung, to be spoken, to be called

Out loud into the day

The ways of those who listen

Will awake within the how you hear

Yes, hear up deeply wakeup fully, for you too

Will walk these far out places

Far up from the fields of flowers in spring

When God has called

Come and walk with these words

They were once flowers growing here

Given to me, to give to you.

Poetry: Growth

All day I’ve been showered in light

These golden beams of Love flooding all

Everything we see, we do, we hear

Totally saturated in this warm living rain

Let it invigorate new hope, new thoughts and inspiration

These tender seeds are my very growth

Each letter, an alphabet from heaven

Bursting up and out across this page

A vitality we all comprehend

A reality we all need apprehend.

Poetry: Strangely

Poetry: Strangely

by Liam

Isn’t it strange how we are drawn

Discretely to what or whom we love!

This secret lies in the center of my heart

This mystery becomes love, in it’s doing.

Happiness in its transformation,

For truth, for humility, we must pull this up out of our depths


This is who we are

This is how we become


Poetry: Eden

Poetry: Eden

by Liam

Let’s walk the path of love

It’s that road of trial and redemption from

Selfish to selfless

From yourself to the self

From start to the beautiful beginning of love

Hand in hand with truth, humility too

Will resound as the universe

Echoes resonates pulsates with the

New seeds of tomorrow strewn

Across the garden of Eden

Each a life awakening to love.

Poetry: Falling

Poetry: Falling

by Liam

To fall in love with the love you’ve fallen in love with

This is not madness nor a Soliloquy

It’s me, the universe and God

In quiet conversation

Each sharing the quintessential idea of now

In a way, which requires reflection, creativity and selflessness

Let’s do this in unison, singing songs and spinning helplessly under the stars

Each becoming the other, as we recognize Love in love with love.

Poetry: Requirements

Poetry: Requirements

by Liam

I am where I am

You there where you are too

Still, no need to fret or stare

Because I do what I can do

Here now alone with what I’ve become

With you too it’s a complicated whole

No longer alone

Which leaves us asking why?

Which weaves us closer to the whole

Which temporarily fulfills the requirements of now.

Meaning you are who I’ve tried to become

But why?

Poetry: The Antenna

Poetry: The Antenna

by Liam

While out in the wilds of the world one day

I found God in what a man did say

“What is that mystery crumpled in your hand,

Help me friend to understand.”

The gaze was grace so high I knew

Till heavens window through we flew

In this place, called to life

A force of love to end my strife

Folding out those creases deep could stretch my heart

Across the cosmos and the sky

Encompass all that’s ever been

Including all that is unseen

This organ given by life so free

This antenna linked to the cosmic me

Began to tune into this vibe

Began to pulse became alive

With this too I now could see that God as well

Resides in me.

New Millennium Poetry Volume: 2

ABOUT New Millennium Poetry:Poetry emerging in the New Millennium, is the unspoken voice striving for consciousness in the searching mind of modern men and woman. This unconscious, yet awakening need to find meaning in our lives, is a journey taken by us all.New Millennium Poetry is categorized in topics relevant to human nature, exploring in manifold ways, both answers and questions to these topics.These poems weave there way through multiple layers of the body, mind, soul and spirit, inspiring with ease and alacrity. Poetry exploring at its intrinsic best how to express the invisible, the visible and everything in between.

Liam Kennedy