Poetry: Elsewhere

Poetry: Elsewhere

by Liam

Elsewhere ,

That’s from where I came

Before we were,

It happened

Irreversibly the universe stampedes forward

Light, dust and stars

Flying out in all directions


with insight truly invisible, real and spiritual it expands

Now buzzing with the insight of this

It’s my only intension to end up

There where it all happens

In the silence

Practiced daily

The moment before it began.

Poetry: The Bond

Poetry : The Bond

by Liam

We are bonded

Indeed in more ways than I know

When stepping forward

You are my earth

The dark soil to which we return

Closing my eyes

I find yours wide open

Observing, understanding as yet, what I have not

As I reach out with my feelings

Your love embraces us both

Awakening the child

Wild, free and happy

All this reminds me, be humble

For the more, the magnificence is always here Just waiting to be discovered.

Poetry: Music

Poetry: Music

by Liam

Poems, words, the things I say and write

Rough, unshod steps which limp

Then stumble

For its music upon which my soul

My joy takes flight

In melody we found one another

Resonant to one truth

Streaming out from within

This music unites all

It unifies, reminds me to sing

Laughing dance in the dew

In hand with you

Each and every way.

Poetry: Toast

Poetry: Toast
by Liam

Like the berry before it’s fermentation
Your heartache, first needs create the wine.
In the ache lies it’s magic
The miracle of transformation
See, also the clear stream
Rushing bubbling
Gleefully leaping the cliff
Spray lifted by the breeze
Combed by the light
Reminds me then
It’s to those rainbow colors
Radiant to red
We raise our glasses
Toasting love

Poetry: Recognition

Poetry: Recognition

by Liam

Do you know who you are?

One day insanity

One day depresivity

Then you turn to me laughing at the sunset

For its that which is beyond you

Outside of us which calls out

Hey! Listen for but a moment

Be quiet for but a second

Receive the recognition that

We are both here and there


Thereby accept we are

What we have always been

One being

Being one

Poetry: Soar

Poetry: Soar

by Liam

Before Love became my shining light

My sight was dimmer than the shadowed haze of dusk

Then my gaze dissolving bit by bit

Those clouds of doubt

Creating thoughts so clear, so true, so blue

Sky is all we need

For as we fly

Love will stretch its feathers across the night

Giving us the insight to wait for dawn

Not feel forlorn

Just soar, for

Above the clouds

Awaits the more

Awaits the light.