Your Hands

Poetry: Your Hands

by Liam

Oh emergent me, born of this new love,

From the depths of my being, you arise.

Like a phoenix from the ashes above,

I am reborn, my soul no longer lies.

Your music echoes in my every breath,

A symphony that resonates within.

With you, I am alive, no longer death,

And every moment feels like I could win.

Connected by threads invisible,

Our love weaves meaning, the days and nights.

Like a tapestry, it is indivisible,

And fills my life with color and light.

You have unraveled the fabric of my soul,

And with your hands, I find myself made whole.

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This poem is a sonnet, which follows a traditional structure of 14 lines with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. The language is rich in metaphor, using the image of a phoenix rising from ashes to describe the speaker’s rebirth through their new love.

The language also emphasizes the transformative power of love, using words like “emergent,” “symphony,” and “unraveled” to describe the way in which the speaker’s sense of self is being transformed. The metaphor of a tapestry is also used to describe how the love between the speaker and their partner weaves together their lives in a meaningful way.

celebration of the power of love to transform and revitalize a person’s sense of self. It speaks to the way in which love can bring color and light to a person’s life, and how it can help a person feel truly alive.


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