Poetry: Excitement

Poem: Excitement

by Liam

I’ve felt excitement.

Yes, that smirk, that chuckle of glee

Bubbling up inside the true, the authentic me

It’s not that often

Yet some how when you smile, I laugh

I’m free, you liberate the joy, the intensity.

Sparks, flashes of humor

I reflect a glance of your iniquity


It’s what we have done

It’s what we have begun

Unpremeditated authenticity

Touching, manipulating implicating weaving

It’s me alive in your autonomy.


Oh yes please, I’m sparkling too

I’m immersed in this momentary effervescent now

Excitement overcomes the stated

The causal question of just how it occurred

The magic, the love, the true joy of ….

Who we are

Who we strive to become

Who we grow to know

This potential, ours is the ground to grow

Excitement, truly exciting

Let’s Just do it.


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