Poetry: Flowers

Poem: The Flowers

by Liam

A bowl of flowers, on the tables wood.

In a pool of sun, the fragrance stood .

Like a watercolour painting which

timelessly spins.

Radiant , streaming sweet scent and the stems.

Stamen, petals, blossoms, leaf together tight

The bouquet of color so radiant bright

Held in a crystal, a bowl she did say

A mothers gift, from my mother today.

The color, this carries my care about who?

Fills me with joy, sweet memories say

Daffodils, chrysanthemums and lilacs too.

Of lilies in blossom of red roses and you.

Days now no longer, still blossom, sweet scented and care.

Of moments like these, when you’re no longer there.

Still, beauty shines inward caught in a vase.

The flowers, the memories, the joys and your charms.


One thought on “Poetry: Flowers

  1. Beautiful.

    Thank you, I’m thrilled that you have enjoyed reading this poem. Perhaps you would find more poetry you like on the http://www.ThePoet.Me
    Here all my words are collected.
    Kind regards

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