Poetry Poem: I Am Sorry

Poem: I Am Sorry

I’ve made myself to be a fool

Again and yet again

Contained within this me the man

Who cares though all the same.

Those foolish words,

A stupid tone which cut, slashed and hurt

They came from one that once was pained

By that same deep down hurt

I now gnaw, upon myself

Upon my self-esteem.

Shamed by those bad deeds done

Shamed by those words that stun

Time is ready, now to redeem

That foolish, that selfish painted face

Who really is this reflection

Staring in my place

A thousand times we’ve met before

Though I never felt the need

The realization of how deep I’ve hurt

Through foolish thoughtless deeds

Now in mindful care filled free

It’s sharing giving being true to me

I ask, I pray to be forgiven

To be redeemed for my weakness

From those hurting words

That I caused you to worry.

“I am so sorry.”

Liam August 2019


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