Poetry Poem: Light

Poem: Light

Today I feel the light

The light which shines

Warm in my thoughts

Bright through the window panes

Which illuminates that which i see

Which illustrates that which is me

Which culminates in the recognition

The unequivocal which resonates throughout us all

Mankind awakes in a world of life, in a world with strife, in a world of possibilities

Each one drawn from light or dark, high or low, come or go

Let me choose my way my path of right not wrong

Let me me hold to light that shines

Let me be a reflection of how I see how I feel how I respond

Beyond this now where horizon greets the dawn

Illuminates the morn

Light cusps the dark

Light shoots the spark

Light cheers the lark

Tulips color the garden walk

In light.

Liam April 2019


2 thoughts on “Poetry Poem: Light

  1. Nathan says:

    Nice work with this one. You really pulled the image through nicely

    Liked by 1 person

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