Poem: A Bear called Tom

Poem: A Bear called Tom

I’ve had my bath am ready for bed

My teddy too lies at my head

He’s soft he’s brown he’s tired too

The days been long him me and you

At breakfast time he shared my egg 

His bun had jam like mine was red

Then on my trike We rode to care

Where children play me with my bear.

His name is Tom, his nose is black 

His ear is torn that’s is a fact

He had a fall high from the swing

Caught a thorn while chasing me

Watched me finger paint in blue

Moms picture now stuck in the loo

I got a hug 

I got a kiss 

I got the love I’ll never miss

Which I give you too

My dear bear friend

Now next to me right at the end 

Of a long long day of this and that

Time is now to say a prayer

Hold our hands me and my bear.

Close my eyes the lights now dim

Time for dreams where I’ll be with him

My bear called Tom 

My dad my mom.

Liam October 2018


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