Poem: A Child’s Dream

Poem: A Child once said.

A child once said,

When going to bed.

It’s the waving trees,

That blow the wind and make the breeze.

The splash of water on the shore.

From swimming fish and whales and more.

From mermaids gentle, who plate their hair.

Who sing song sweet in the moonlit air .

Of the sailor far on his ship of wood.

Of a long lost child on the shore she stood.

Of her heart ache when going to bed.

Of waiving trees too the wind she said, 

„Please Blow daddy to my bed this night“,

To sail with him the silky blue,

With mermaid song and whales spume too.

Upon my cheek his kiss so light.

Then shoot the moon,

in a star filled sky.

Ships sail filled with our dreamy eye.

We will sing and laugh and dance till light.

Just you, just I.

My daddy and me.

The waves 

The wind 

The  stars 

The sea.

Liam October 2018


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