Poem: Thoughts while enjoying an Ice-cream.

Poem: Thoughts on an Ice-cream

Should love taste sweet, Like the ice cream in my hand.

It’s flavors of stracciatella, vanilla & double chocolate.

Linger on my tongue but cold.

Still the sun illuminates,

Warms the heart in me.

Melting my awe leaving me the delicious taste of love.

All is flow, hot with cold,

Here and there, you and me.

Move through my senses, out to the horizon.

Back to my book, onto my taste buds .

Am I tasting our connectivity?

Or is this refreshing moment inducing you?

Am I being seduced by life itself?

What joy

What harmony

What simple peace

Floundering in my head

Laughing quietly instead

Of wiping away those troubled sticky drops.

Fallen sweetly to my daily bread.

Liam August 2018


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