Poem: the Search

Poem: the Search

While gazing out across the sea.

Wide the sky but deep in me.

A seagull cries and in my mind.

My question fills that distant view.

The beady eye as if it knew,

That my thoughts had moved in tune.

To see the new, to touch this panoramic view.

Upon those wings which crossed my eye.

The reason, the meaning I wonder why ?

“A sea, a life & a deep blue sky”, he cried.

Embedded therein the mind blissed me.

The I, the self-aware, at one with me.

A new view is born immersed with all .

I touch, connect, Universally all amongst the clouds.

Within that panorama is a place,

An infinitesimal seed.

A macroscopic jump,

A consciousness need.

Who then is this I?

Who then is this me?

What then is the self felt thee?

My name it fades & with its-identity too.

The grasping need of having too.

Possess, to own or to dictate.

But wait

Let’s pause again to ponder deep.

To recall all as this dictates, reiterates.

The Beauty joy and freedom Found.

To unbind the mind.

To free the identity

To liberate the individuality

Liam September 2017


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