Poem: I Am Enough

Poem: I Am Enough

I am enough.

Indeed am I.

Always have been,

Will be too.

Completely unique individually me.

Not hard to see, to feel or appreciate.

I am enough now.

How I viewed the idiosyncrasies.

How I felt the inadequacy.

How I touched the insecurities.

These chained the intrinsic unfolding young me.

They held my head Beneath the horizon of my own expected life.

They locked my mind in spaces lost & lonely.

No more,

Of this now I’m sure.

The door now wide,

While deep inside the light.

White clear and clean

Illuminates through me.

I am enough

Indeed am I.

Complete and true and me.

Good enough to simply

Be free.

Liam June 2018


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