Poem: The Shell

Poem: The Shell

Whilst walking forth on a shelly strand,

Squeak fresh grains of salty sand,

crunch & grind , waves surge & pound,

I stoop & scoop , a thing profound ,

I’d found.

An unknown form of sheer delight,

This thing unique to me.

I question creations geometry .

What genius deep in cosmic mind ,

Did Create this fantasmagorical find?

Some subtle touch of starry light ,

Spinning far in a galactic night,

Weave forming threads , gestalt begins.

Evolutionary cosmology.

Geometrical congeniality.

The spiral form unfolds in loops.

Filigrain structure convolutes.

A galactic form finds growing life.

The planet spins,

Thousands spawn , new life begins, a thing is born.

Braced between the wet & lee,

Feet awash in froth blown sea.

This micro cosmic miracle lies,

The macro cosmic in the sky’s

Asleep it’s secrets keep me high

I live the question , the meaning ,



Eckernforde 2012

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