Poem: The Kiss

Poem: The Kiss

Morning blue spread wide across an open sky,

My thought caught the kiss as you flew by.

Synchronicity’s ring,

Phone goes pling.

Alone I lie.

Your selfy puckered lips I miss.

Were the ones that sent that kiss.

The miss, the moment, the meaning of just you.

I’ve often wondered how,

The magic meaning of just now.


We instantaneously know its true.

The me, the you, the who.

We are and have become.

Yet, would you let it pass?

Let this fade, our colours fragmenting in particles.

Dusty whisps which will float

Alone a memory.

Alone in light.

Alone the sofa.

Where we might have spent,

Another gorgeous loving night.

Morning blue spreads wide across a fresh new sky.

The lips I kiss, the you I miss.

The day begins.

Why do I wet my cheek?

A tear, my fear, my cry?

I wonder who are you and who am I.

Liam March 2017


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