Poem: The Feathers

Poem: The Feathers

As a feather, fell gentle from the wing.

Bunched once together featherd,flight it did bring.

Light it now dances on the breeze.

Let this please those souls of sad content ,

Let this ease the load from madness bent ,

Let this tease the tortured heart so spent .

The feather flies, its flight denies

The gravity of the deed.

It floats and spins through unseen seas.

Of surging current of clear fresh breeze.

Let my children the feathers be.

Dropped from the wing once family .

Caught captured flung

Spun swirled through life

The feather might try with all its might

But flight, grew on the wing

Lets sing, redemptions song .

can this song ,in text be wrong ?

Feathers lost along the flight

Life’s journey long , the wing , the right

The wrong, the up the down

Together once we all began.

Feathers on a wing, we sing the song

The song life gave us all

All along.

Now old I lay my tired head,

Upon those feathers and go to bed.

Eckernförde 2012


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