Poetry: Flight

by Liam

In the solace of smashed brick

In the consolation of broken concrete

My soul is torn asunder

Screams to the ears of the undead thunder

Cries, out into barren skies

I look for rest, to lay my head

A place to heal my soul instead of this.

Uplifted, I knew beyond the torment and fire

A swallow sweeps to catch the mite

Restless to build a home create desire

Uplifted, I swam against breakers

I ran between the density of those

Who rose up like mountains

Who spread out like rivers

Willows weeping tragedy

Then flew, again a restless falcon

Migrating on invisible threads of wisdom

Seeking knowledge,

Finding seed to sustain to nourish

Towns lay buried in opulent graveyards

Skyscrapers hacked jagged graffiti from horizon to dusk

Stale the sent of past perfections musk

I searched in vain

My home, again was gone

Far out along the Nile

Trees sway, share truth, beguile

This symphony of words

A poetry of incomprehensible beauty emerged

Enamored with insight and resolve to the pen

Yet dissolving along the edges of my reason

This ink smudged page is written

In this alchemy of chaos

Heavenly gold poured through a portal

The gentle, still beating heart of desire

Kindled again by an eternal kiss

Affirmed the universal bliss of love

To be born again

Now these feathers flutter again in light

Thus incarnated from the rubble

Emergent from dust and dirt

We journey across the transmutation of love to capture the impossible

To hold the improbable moment

Creating a new home for you and me and every Soul from every nation.

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