Poetry: Legendary

by Liam

In the life of self-discovery and growth,

Where wisdom’s light doth brightly glow,

Let these ideas intertwine and show,

The soul, on a journey for all to know.

Supersede the desire of another’s embrace,

With self-appreciation, let your heart find grace.

For in valuing self, a true friend is found,

An inner flame that burns eternally, profound.

Emotion breaks as waves upon the shore,

This being is my sea but is there more?

I’ll own the tide, embrace the sand and all,

For aware of depth my self stands tall.

Be proactive, a force against troublesome thought,

Let actions guide, in battles fiercely fought,

Unveil the armor of proactive might,

To starve the seeds of worries taking flight.

The junk you eat, this clog’s the mind

A nourished soul, seeks but thought refined,

Be mindful this is God’s sanctuary divine,

Here clarity and peace they intertwine.

Insecurities, ever seeking validation’s voice,

Release their grip, make a resolute choice,

Your best life unfolds in self-expression,

Unleash the beauty within, a boundless progression.

These are ideas to intertwine and weave,

A tapestry of wisdom, a path to retreave

My self-appreciation, responsibility’s weight,

Be proactive, nourish the mind’s healthy state.

Insecurities dissolve as validation fades,

Your best life emerges, in colors cascade,

So embark on this journey, let the poem be your guide,

To a life lived authentically, with nothing to hide.

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