Poetry: Patience

by Liam

You say, “Patience is a virtue,

not always easy to obey.”

The desire of instant gratification,

Can lead to hasty action, take me astray

True growth comes from deep within

In quiet, the undisturbed development, akin

To a tree that doesn’t push, but draws its sap

To stand confident in the storms of spring,

For it knows that summers course is true

To those with patience, like eternity is due

It’s not about accelerating the process

But embracing the continuity, a growing progress

Like living in a locked room or

Dancing upon a barren stage

Love the unanswered questions, without anguish

Live with serendipity, and one day you’ll find

That the answers have been here all along, within my mind

Each new day patiently brings its clarity

With a joyful sense of rarity.


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