Poetry: The Whisper

by Liam

Gazing beyond my eyes sight

I saw into the heart of heaven

My soul asked, “ Tell me about patience.”

A whisper replied, “ Let silence

be the art of your forbearance,

patience will take you to the core of yourself. “

My mind enquired, “What mystery is this?”

It echoed, “What your soul hears

Is the journey of Love.

A wonder, the mind cannot comprehend.”

My heart laughed, “ This understanding has always been ours.”

The poem “The Whisperer” is a short but thought-provoking piece that explores the themes of patience, silence, and love. The poem is composed of a dialogue between different parts of the speaker’s self, which adds depth and complexity to the poem’s meaning.

The opening lines of the poem immediately draw the reader in with a vivid image of the speaker gazing beyond their eyesight, suggesting a sense of transcendent experience. The reference to “the heart of heaven” further reinforces this idea of a spiritual encounter. When the soul asks about patience, the whisper’s reply to let silence be the art of forbearance highlights the importance of quiet reflection and contemplation. The idea that patience can take one to the core of oneself suggests that patience is not simply about waiting for something, but also about the process of self-discovery.

The dialogue continues as the mind enquires about the mystery of what the soul hears. The whisper’s response that the journey of love is a wonder that the mind cannot comprehend suggests that love is a deeply spiritual and mystical experience that transcends rational understanding. This idea is reinforced by the final lines, in which the heart laughs and affirms that this understanding has always been ours. The idea that love is something that is known in the heart, rather than in the mind, adds a poignant and emotional depth to the poem’s message.

Overall, “The Whisperer” is a beautifully crafted poem that uses simple language and a conversational style to explore complex and profound ideas. The dialogue between different parts of the speaker’s self adds layers of meaning and complexity, while the focus on patience, silence, and love gives the poem a timeless quality that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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