Poem: Beyond

by Liam

In the release what will find ME?

Will the ME return to the all?

A space where being one, could supersede my need

for consolation.

Reflection or even understanding, whereas.

What has happened or why

Looses validity.

I, loose reality.

The vehicle of my body,

Parked in the crematorium

Waits to be atomized.

This me, this freedom from constraints is new.

Uniquely my energy weaves

Wave like, back again.

Again into the fabric of the universe, this flow.

This light, the shining, this imminent dilution of persona to personification .

Anthropomorphism captures a last faint whisper of cognition.

A gasp, so fast living slips to past .



Gone to……GOD.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. The poem “Beyond” by Liam is a reflection on what happens after death, and explores the idea of the self merging with the universe. The poem begins by questioning what will be found in the release after death, and whether the self will return to the all. The speaker suggests that in this space of oneness, the need for consolation, reflection, and understanding will be superseded.

    The idea of the self merging with the universe is further explored in the second stanza. The speaker describes the body as a vehicle that is parked in the crematorium, waiting to be atomized. The self, on the other hand, is portrayed as something new, free from constraints. The speaker suggests that the self is made up of energy that weaves wave-like back into the fabric of the universe.

    In the final stanza, the speaker suggests that this merging with the universe is a form of personification, and that the self becomes anthropomorphized in the process. The poem ends with the idea of the self slipping into the past and going to God, suggesting a spiritual dimension to the afterlife.

    Overall, the poem “Beyond” is a contemplative reflection on the afterlife and the idea of the self merging with the universe. The speaker uses vivid imagery and metaphors to explore complex ideas, and the poem’s structure, with its repetition and gradual buildup, adds to the sense of contemplation and introspection.

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