Poetry: Storm

by Liam

The moment we met, storm shook my sea

Wild into a roaring ocean

“Hark, hark”, gull’s cry

The secret’s uncovered in my sadness

Wisdom flashes out with thunders madness

Illuminates the dark, the spark ignites

In that quiet moment of after shock,

Trembling on the threshold of myself

Feet awash in froth blown free

A pearl pure and perfect

Arose in me

Arose I see

A dream which I had coming.

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One thought on “Storm

  1. Analysis: Storm

    The poem “Storm” by Liam is a piece that speaks to the transformative power of a powerful emotional encounter. The speaker begins by describing the moment when they met the subject of the poem, and compares it to a storm shaking their sea, turning it from calm waters into a roaring ocean. The use of metaphor here is effective in conveying the intensity of the speaker’s feelings.
    The cry of the gull is also included in the description, which helps to add to the sense of atmosphere and to draw the reader further into the scene. As the storm rages on, the speaker notes that a secret is uncovered in their sadness, which suggests that the encounter has led to a deeper understanding of themselves.
    The lines “Wisdom flashes out with thunders madness / Illuminates the dark, the spark ignites” suggest that the storm has also brought about a moment of enlightenment for the speaker, in which they have gained new insights into their life or situation. This idea is further emphasized by the image of a pearl arising from the frothy water – something beautiful and valuable emerging from the chaos.
    The final lines of the poem, “A dream which I had coming / Arose in me / Arose I see” suggest that the speaker has been awakened to a new possibility or hope, which they may have been unconsciously seeking before the storm. The use of repetition and wordplay in these lines helps to reinforce the idea that the encounter has brought about a significant shift in the speaker’s perspective.
    Overall, “Storm” is a well-crafted poem that uses strong metaphors and vivid imagery to convey the intensity and transformative power of an emotional encounter. The poem’s themes of self-discovery and enlightenment are universal, and will resonate with readers who have experienced similar moments of clarity in their own lives.

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