Love’s Expression

Poetry: Loves Expression

By Liam

“Love is more than just an emotion, it’s your very existence. “ Rumi

We name love as a magical feeling

We label love with our heart beat too

We feel love through the soles of our feet

We experience love in friends we meet

Still love is truely more

Love goes deeper

Love goes higher

Love goes further

Love goes greater

For love creates this very existence

Uniting the polarities

Creating the bonds

Healing the wounds

Of this world and beyond

Fulfilled from the inside, speak out, “I love.”

As an embrace, to include all

As a recognition, of all to come

As a gift, of self to selflessness

Together with love, we gaze for ever

Choose love, for all trouble melts

Dissolves too in the light

Shiny, bright and thrilled

To re-emerge free and purged

Eyes ablaze with hope unheard

Choose love but once for love chooses you forever.

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One thought on “Love’s Expression

  1. The poem “Love’s Expression” by Liam is a celebration of the power and transformative nature of love. The opening quote by Rumi sets the tone for the poem, suggesting that love is more than just an emotion but a fundamental aspect of our existence.

    The first stanza introduces the idea that love is a magical feeling that is experienced through various physical sensations. The second stanza goes on to suggest that love is much more profound than just a feeling, as it goes deeper, higher, further, and greater. The poem’s repetition of the word “love” emphasizes the idea that love is an all-encompassing force that is capable of uniting polarities, creating bonds, and healing wounds both in this world and beyond.

    The third stanza emphasizes the transformative power of love, suggesting that it has the ability to dissolve troubles and purify the soul. The fourth stanza concludes the poem by urging the reader to choose love, as it is a choice that will have a lasting impact on one’s life. The final line, “Choose love but once for love chooses you forever,” suggests that once you embrace love, it will become an integral part of your being.

    Overall, “Love’s Expression” is a deeply spiritual and optimistic poem that celebrates the transformative power of love. The poem is structured in a way that builds on the initial idea that love is a magical feeling, and then expands on this concept to suggest that love is much more profound and significant than we initially think. The poem is effective in conveying its message by using simple language and repetition to emphasize the power of love.

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