Poetry: Contemplation

by Liam

Alone, all known gone where ever, how ever

This moment is quiet, unexpected and rich

I enquire why?

cry; “ Yes why?”

For to be alone with You is my fire

Peace in your house, your home, my desire

Here I burn away the rough edges

Here my soul speaks without vocalization

Here alone with myself we explain the truth

Impossible for the mind to comprehend

How exquisite the moment is to contemplate

How such opposite qualities

Confirm neither me nor you

Yet rejoice in the recognition of us all.

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One thought on “Contemplation

  1. The poem “Contemplation” by Liam is a meditation on the experience of being alone and finding peace and understanding in that solitude. The speaker begins by noting the absence of all that is known and familiar, suggesting a sense of disorientation or disconnection. However, the moment is also described as “quiet, unexpected and rich,” suggesting that it holds the potential for deeper insight.

    The speaker then poses a question to the unknown addressee of the poem: “why?” This may be interpreted as a search for meaning or purpose in the experience of solitude, or as an existential question about the nature of being alone. The speaker then declares that being alone with the addressee, who is likely a higher power or deity, is their “fire,” indicating that this connection provides warmth, comfort, and perhaps even passion.

    The desire for peace in the “house” or “home” of the addressee suggests a longing for spiritual refuge or sanctuary, and the metaphor of burning away the “rough edges” suggests a purification or refinement of the self in this space. The idea of the soul speaking “without vocalization” may suggest a deeper level of communication or understanding beyond language or thought.

    The speaker then suggests that the truth they find in this space is “impossible for the mind to comprehend,” which may imply that it is a kind of mystical or ineffable knowledge that transcends rational thought. The moment of contemplation is described as “exquisite,” indicating that it is both beautiful and intense, and the recognition of “opposite qualities” that “confirm neither me nor you” suggests a sense of unity or interconnectedness that transcends individual identity.

    Overall, “Contemplation” is a poem that celebrates the potential for deep spiritual connection and understanding in the experience of solitude and introspection. It suggests that in these moments of stillness, we can connect with something larger than ourselves and find a sense of peace and meaning that may be difficult to access in the noise and chaos of everyday life.

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