Chemical Marriage

Poetry: Chemical Marriage

by Liam

Should my soul become visible

To you or even to me too

This substantiation of the self,

The authentic true expression

Reaches into life, alive and formative

It’s a force of love which forges the moment

Upon the anvil of your malleable personality

Thrashing out the idiosyncrasies of misunderstanding

Hammering into shape a ring of truth

Which when worn will reunite your insight

Your intention and my

Wish to unflinchingly join in the truest

A marriage of spirit

That of heaven and our supplication

Simply listen to that whisperer and nod

Yes, I will.

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3 thoughts on “Chemical Marriage

    • Thank you for your question. The chemical marriage, also known as the “coniunctio” or “coniunctio oppositorum” in alchemy, is a symbolic concept that represents the union or fusion of opposites within an individual, resulting in the integration of the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche, and ultimately leading to spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

      In alchemy, which is an ancient philosophical and proto-scientific tradition, the chemical marriage is often depicted as the union of the King and Queen, or the Sun and Moon, representing the masculine and feminine, active and passive, or conscious and unconscious principles. This union is seen as a harmonization of opposing forces that leads to the creation of a new, integrated whole, symbolized by the “Philosopher’s Stone” or the “Lapis Philosophorum,” which is believed to have powerful transformative properties.

      The chemical marriage is not just a physical union, but also a psychological and spiritual one. It represents the process of individuation, a term coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, which refers to the psychological integration of the conscious and unconscious aspects of the self to achieve a state of wholeness and self-realization. This process involves confronting and integrating one’s shadow, which is the darker, unconscious aspects of the self that are often repressed or denied, and integrating them into one’s conscious awareness.

      The esoteric meaning of the chemical marriage is therefore a profound symbol of inner transformation and integration, representing the alchemical process of transmuting the base elements of the psyche into a purified and integrated state of consciousness. It signifies the union of opposites, the integration of dualities, and the achievement of spiritual enlightenment, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the nature of reality. It is seen as a metaphorical representation of the inner journey towards self-realization and wholeness, which is considered a central goal in many spiritual and esoteric traditions. Liam

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  1. Man Kun says:

    this is a mindblowing piece of info I got to learn today
    Thanks Liam
    and yeah your write ups are too good , i like them ❤
    Keep posting
    And do stop by my blog sometimes , I'd love to know your views there, as a person you are so well versed in informative arena, !

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