A Star is Born

Poetry: A Star is Born

by Liam

It was in twilight far beyond

A shooting star it’s place had found

It landed near whilst on my path

To find the start of a life filled dream,

In which joy, love and free felt true

Would live in peace, the dove,

you too

Still spinnig around inside my brain

Long after, having gone to bed

To position this cosmic shooting flash

Within my wilderness of chaos, of dread

This star stole, my mind that night

Returned with it to weave and find

The source of light, of peace, of mind

We crossed an ocean called sanity

We climbed a mountain called doubt

We gazed amazed, then to behold

The waking thoughts of my new born day

The light had found in me a way

Of being the source from whence Love flows

Of being alive in all we know

Of life, a dream grown in starlights womb

Of becoming the truth, being the greatest of




4 thoughts on “A Star is Born

  1. fauxcroft says:

    Love this, amazing imagery 🙏 Faux

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ✅🤩👍 wishing you a wonderful WE. Poetry reading tomorrow evening, if interested?


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