Poetry: The Light of Christmas

Poetry: The Light of Christmas

by Liam

Many, the stars at night have been

Yet on this night, so bright was seen

A star ⭐️, a stable, manger small

Which shone from him, down to us all

The Shepard’s, Kings and those too who hear

A lamb was born from God on high

A babe in a manger softly cried

While Mary, Joseph in awe did sing, songs of praise

With angels wings upon heavens gate

Rejoice with spheres of cosmic love

A choir of angels from heaven above

“He, is born to all this day,

He, will show mankind the way

Of peace, of love, of humble faith.”

Let’s open the gate of who we are

Receive the gift from Gods son afar

Shared this moment for ever more

Let in the light, open hearts door .


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