Poetry Poem: The Doll

Poetry Poem: The Doll

Written by Liam

Too long now have we simply listened

As the wind swept storm

Rattled the shutters

Stuffed the gutters with leaf with loam

Listened, yet never heard her tears

Watched, yet never saw her fears

She was rattled indeed

Wrecked from the inside out

Storm troubled

Trembled cried cowered and died

Though she never showed it

Either to you, me or who else their was to see

She swallowed whole oceans of doubt

Day after day

Waves crashed, smashed, up inside her life

Against walls built by

Her mind

To protect, to hold

Till it broke!

Swept away she was

Nothing but tears

Shaking with fears

Wet cold and lonely

Her soul a ragged doll

Caught by twigs

On a branch, in a park, in the dark

Still morning came

Warm strong that shone

In through her sight

Her dam had gone

The surprise of self recognition

The picture of her sweet self

Made her laugh

She was as she ever was

Only now empty cleaned nourished

Alone in light

Quiet too

Now she knew

She had never left

She had only just begun.


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