Poetry: fragment from “The Orchard “ 2017

Lets spit out the pips of our togetherness

Kernels, pregnant with the promise of tomorrow

To enrich those fields from which we so freely plucked in youth.

The orchards of soulfulness

The valleys of spirit

The blossom of enlightenment

The rose of love.


Poetry Poem: Touché


In my every cell I find you

Feel you surging through my blood

Throw myself into the wild liquid of your love

Lost now in our after glow of morning

I find memories of who we were

Like wild flowers woven into the golden of your hair

Transformation creates this magic, being in the bliss.

Who care’s its the moment captured,

Our first ever loving kiss.

Four wings in silver shining

We are angels brilliant bright

Heavens calling us to table each and every night.

Yours, mine and all who seeking

Fly with us, hand in hand.

This day now draws to slumber

The morning bright your band.

Brings gold, brings stars, brings light and more

The waves they crash and cry and roar

The liquid sea, the love, the moment, me you and it all.

We gently touch caressing call

Touché Cherie

Liam 😘

Poetry Poem: Herzensfrau

Poem: ❤️Herzensfrau

The day on me here in the grass

Clouds above they slowly pass

The world is green and white and blue

My woman her heart joins me too

“Red,” she said, “is all the world”

She whispers bending to my lips

“A wish”, she said “my heart in green.”

Blue above white flies a dove

Carries green this twig called Love.

Liam 💚

Poetry Poem: Red into Blue

Poem: Red once Blue

I fell in love the other day

I don’t know why

I’m not quite sure or what to say

We chatted as it happens all a while

We laughed smiled

The simple act

The fact of having

Recognized that underlying

Our conversations flow Between our eyes

Beneath a glance or two

A knot of excitement pulsed with you

A bright brilliant ribbon of light

Swirled freely around my heart

A magnificence cast it’s spell

In me I surrendered to the bewilderment of you

I observed myself keenly

I wonder how this happens

I’m thrilled with the wild.

Red once blue.

What is this vibrance felt in me, flowing from you?

Is that how love happens?

Afar out there beyond

You are now alive in me

Beating thudding irregular across my chest

Excitement in a pearl

A home open to the few

Is now yours to touch

Enriching me so much.

Sweet smile across the night

Turns in me a living key around around around

Treasure is this place within me found

Shines it’s gorgeous light

To gaze with beating heart

Is it right?

It is new

No not wrong

Is it a song?

It is new

Yes life long I’ve listened

Waiting for this harmony melody symphony of blue

Now turns to Red in me

To Red in you.

Liam 2019 May

Poetry Poem: Leaving

Poem: The Leaving.

Leaving, we kiss & say goodbye.

Our cheeks they touch,

The sparkle in your eye I love so much.


Gone again.

Gone the days of simple fun,

The moments of laughter, talking, one on one.

Now your perfumed scent,

The warmth meant meaning of this love.

The love we know is right & strong.

Or is it right & still is wrong?


Gone again

Gone alone we ask & find a lonely answer in the pain.

Why, a question?

My cheeks now dry.

To wait, until again we touch & laugh & sigh.

Wonder in our thoughts,

The memories of a ribbon in your hair,

How I stumbled on the stair.


Gone again

Gone as if in air, I ask again is this really fair?

The glance thrown across your shoulder, blade.

The stance, hips twisted tight upon steel stilettos.

The attitude, flux exhaling in warm summer air.

Leaving, we kiss & say goodbye.

Our cheeks they touch,

The sparkle you leave in me,

I love so much.

Liam 2014

Poetry Poem: Perhaps

Poem: Perhaps

Perhaps I haven’t arrived, at where and who I’ve always wanted to become.

How wonderful I’m no longer there where I began though.

This way is my way, my journey of saying that I’m learning.

I’m growing, moving towards.

The I, I am yet to becoming.

Not caught but free, in perceiving now and again.

Whom it is who wonders,

ponders the colour of a flower.

Whom it is who reflects,

on thoughts, my own too.

Whom it is who observes,

me perceiving.

Perceives me observing.

Observes me wondering.

Experiences me thinking.

Touchs my meaning.

Perhaps its just you, laughing out loud.

Perhaps you see me, my head in the cloud .

Perhaps perhaps perhaps

Its really true.

Its me, it’s more, it’s perception opening the door.

Liam January 2018