Poem Poetry: Suffering

Poem: Suffering

When I see this suffering

In another persons eyes

My tears felt deep they clutch and cut

The membrane of my human size

Make me look into that vacant gaze

The scruffy hair the ragged blanket wrapped to care

The dirt of not one coin to spare

It’s pride less begging gone is hope

It’s a self that fumbling tries to grope

It’s a being no longer looking forward to the day

It’s hopeless despair

Who cares

Look away

Their tears have long since dried

Before the weeping down inside

Turns to cudgel the muddled mind

This child born free, could this tragedy also be a part of me?

Where could they find just one last grain of hope

To plant into a waking day?

Naught but dust

Naught but frighteningly caught in pain


Liam March 2019


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