Poetry: My Reflection

Poem: My Reflection

This reflection is it really me?

Yes my nose that crazy hair

It’s in my eyes though

my look of dissociation

I feel the dissatisfaction

the disambiguation is deep.

Am I ever enough?

My belly’s soft a little round

No six pack abs like Arni

No chiseled unique physique

It’s simply unspectacular

Captured in my reflections gaze

A puzzled furrowed brow eyebrow raised

Can I learn to appreciate?

Can I grow to recognize?

I’m lost reflecting thoughts

Not that reflection there, no

Do I dare challenge the stunning

The perfect those magnificent others?

I’ve been taught to adore

To admire everything but me!

I’ve learnt to be insignificant

To tow the line to buy to be beautiful

Is it ever enough?

Am I never enough?

I glance I glare into this void

I grab my stare screaming

“Never, Ever!” will I capitulate to mediocrity again

I’ve been lost

I’ve just found

Me in enough

I’m enough for me

I’m enough to be happy

I’m enough to be true

Im enough to feel uniquely

Meaningfully me.

Liam February 2019


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