Poem Poetry: The Prince of Light

Poem: The Prince of Light

Who comes thirsty to the fountain and spring?

The moon & stars reflected therein.

Quenching thirst first on light, on reflection and awe.

The cup flowth over with wisdom with more

Fruits foreign sweet wine to this table tonight.

Who is to marry the prince of light?

To greet dawns wing on a golden flush

To wrap the night in a star filled hush.

To touch me with a spear of fire

Be it true

Be it love

Be it who

Be it you my friend

Dust tired and spent

Who at the end of a journey long

Who sipped the night

Who drank the light

Who sung the song

Of a new life coming

Of a day fresh born

Of a souls awaking

Call out the trumpet

Call out the horn.

It’s the prince of light who wakes the morn.

Liam January 2019


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