Wisdom: Abundance

WISDOM: Abundance

My creativity, joy and abundant life are the rich fruit which nourish me each day.

These seeds are grown & nurtured in our minds then planted in the garden of our life.

Good things when ready, will fall to the table of today. Let’s share this Abundance .


POEM: Friend Lover Partner

POEM: A Friend Lover Partner

A Friend

Is the one who knows the melody of my heart,

& plays it

in moments lost to loneliness .

A Lover

Is the one with which the insatiable tenderness of passion ,

Over whelms me,

even then when far apart .

The Soul Partner

Together we weave the carpet of life, laughing as the magic let’s us fly to the stars.


Poem: Dancing with Words

Poem: Dancing with Words

I love to dance with words and sing,

Amongst the daffodils and exotic frangipani.

Words drifting on a shifting breeze,

Shaking the shadows of tall green trees.

Vibrating they hum with the buzzing of hornets.

At times pirouette before my gaze,

On a spiderweb in the dew covered haze.

Or the six black dots on a ladybird red,

Dance and spin on a leaf in my head.

So with the music of this once born life.

We chose the joy to the strife.

We chose to dance not to fight.

We chose the true and do the right.

We share a smile and dry a tear.

The music

The dance

The words we hear.

Liam 2018 July

Poem: The Child

POEM: A Child

Again I take thee by the hand.

We walk in silence, the lonely strand.

Gently ruffles the breeze you sweet.

The ripples they tickle my toes & feet.

Our gaze is captured in the morning hue.

I feel a movement inside you.

Inside you shines a growing name.

A child begins, like the burning flame.

Of love we found on a star lit night.

The moon shone high, the dew was light.

We kissed and red your lips spoke soft.

Of who and where and when and off.

I listened deep, I heard you sing

I saw a star, a shining ring

Of light it flashed across that night .

To light our flame

To give the name

To show that heaven unites

Again & again & again.

This universal moment true.

The magic of just me and you.

Liam Sept 2018