Poem: The Child

POEM: A Child

Again I take thee by the hand.

We walk in silence, the lonely strand.

Gently ruffles the breeze you sweet.

The ripples they tickle my toes & feet.

Our gaze is captured in the morning hue.

I feel a movement inside you.

Inside you shines a growing name.

A child begins, like the burning flame.

Of love we found on a star lit night.

The moon shone high, the dew was light.

We kissed and red your lips spoke soft.

Of who and where and when and off.

I listened deep, I heard you sing

I saw a star, a shining ring

Of light it flashed across that night .

To light our flame

To give the name

To show that heaven unites

Again & again & again.

This universal moment true.

The magic of just me and you.

Liam Sept 2018


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