POEM: The Gate

Poem: The Gate

My home, beyond today waits patiently.

Heaven, is that place held in my eternity.

Though I seek, question where I go each night.

I need not to look beyond the flight of that intrepid flaming star .

Oceanic is that shoreless sea.

Truth is, I’m that drop,

found in this me.

Beguiled my moment at the door.

The dream of life of love, which comes before the fall.

It’s those secrets known to few, but known to thee.

The sun & moon

The cosmos, you & I

We look

We laugh

We love

We cry

Mystery wrapped in awe, what exists behind that invisible door?

Ages of man march forward in sequent toil done.

Contend the knowledge that at the very end.

We shall meet our maker at the gate.

Then we shall leave.

Live this life, don’t wait.

Liam 2018


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