Poem: Lonesome

POEM: Lonesome

Is lonesome only alone in my head?

I lie by myself alone in bed .

Wondering about my family

Concerned about my life

Uncertain about my inabilities, my abilities too.

A bucket of thoughts splash around in my mind.

It’s this puddle I slipped on while trying to find.

My me in a bucket lost in my brain

A storm brewing thoughts … try make me insane.

I feel so alone, here lying in bed.

My phone stares back with a “like” instead.

Not one warm hug

Not a single kiss

No real touch

Yet it’s this I miss

I’m lonesome alone in my head.

FBook says something different instead.

The truth of the matter is me in my mind.

Searching the ocean of life to be found.

By a beacon of friendship,

Warm loving and true.

By my friends I’ve met loved known and a few.

New ones.

Met on my way though these years.

That held me a moment while I shed those tears.

In your thoughts, in your feelings.

You carried me well.

Lifting my bucket of lonely & ill.

Alone now i’ll carry one more day in my life.




To my memories of joy, happy and fun.

I’m here with myself which can also be ….truely


Liam July 2018


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