Poem: YOU

Poem: You

On that evening, late.

As you walked through into my room.

Fascination grabbed me, your smile too.

A joy rang resonating in the key hole,

Where I lived.

My heart hiding in the cupboard.

A closet reserved for tears,

The draws, filled with crumpled memories.

Musty that place!

Rusty my movements.

It came again

The vibration, unmistakable & strong….


I breathed deeply.

Glowing your radiation fixed me to the picture.

The wall swayed with my breathing.

Permeated, I reached out

and grasped your hand.

The movement as you slipped into my arms.

I breathed you in, awash in perfume.

I beat you off with a hammering chest .

I brushed the fluff on your cheek.

I whispered in case,

Reality was but my phantasy.


Drawing back her eyes,

Murky crystals recognized

My gaze

A moment which…

Touched the me,

I’d yet grow to become.

“You’re beautiful”

She loosened her hand, tugging gently kissed me.

Invisible blood dripped from my love wounded lips.

Dissolving we both left those lovers.

Only a moment,

In eternity we soared.

Only a second

In infinity we sighed.

Smiled laughed and died.

Were resurrected to a new born day.

It’s you, really is you!

A cry was heard, as only souls reuniting sing.

This is my meaning

This is your feeling

This is why we ring.

Liam 2018


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