Leads Leads Leads… How to get…. MY Lead System Pro

Published on 30 Mar 2014


Leads Leads Leads,

You are about to discover how Internet Marketers make MONEY online. First a few facts about why video Marketing has become such a powerful tool. I would like to state with quoting the Wall Street Journal which recently published an article about the Video Marketing having become the fastest growing segment in the online marketing industry.


The wall Street Journal qualified their article with recently published results from the Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania. I would like to go through these points with you. Firstly video enables a higher understanding of the product or service, secondly video enables a 52% higher retention over printed media, thirdly video enables a 20% education in the presentation time required, Fourth, Video reduces the time to make the purchase decision by 70% and increases the decision to make the buy by 72%.


Last but most important, is that it is not what is said but HOW it is said that makes the difference in the video presentation. Now both you and I know that any purchase or buy is an emotional one. We are moved emotionally by the service or product as it will relieve a discomfort or fulfil a pleasure. We are excited and happy. Leads are the life blood of our business, now I want you to click the link below this video and take a 10 day ride through the back office of MLSP to discover how the leaders in this industry do it. Enjoy, wishing you a great day. Liam



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