Sonnet: Love

Sonnet: Love

by Liam

Love’s affirmation, transforms forever,

Transcends by growth, true love we spent

You, the lover, and me, together

A mysterious desire, of insidious intent.

Our hearts, our skin, our perspiration, entwine

“Berührung”, is us touching deep,

This meaning is divine,

Enraptured by its depth, we leap.

Caught in love’s unifying embrace,

Amazed by love’s potent surge and power,

Transmuting us to harmonious grace,

A bond that grows with each passing hour.

It’s love, you and me, caught in synchronicity,

This our agreement shared for all eternity.
































One thought on “Sonnet: Love

  1. The sonnet “Love” by Liam captures the transformative and all-encompassing nature of love. The poet begins by asserting that love’s affirmation changes us forever, transcending us through growth and true connection. The use of the word “affirmation” suggests that love is not just a fleeting emotion, but a powerful force that validates and confirms our existence.

    The poet then describes the physical aspects of love, using vivid imagery of hearts, skin, and perspiration entwined. The German word “Berührung”, meaning touch, is mentioned, adding a sense of intimacy and depth to the connection between the lovers. This suggests that love goes beyond superficial appearances, touching the depths of our souls.

    The poet further explores the mystical and insidious nature of love, using the word “mysterious desire” with “insidious intent”. This hints at the complexities and unpredictability of love, which can be both enchanting and challenging at the same time.

    The poem then shifts to a more positive tone, as the poet expresses awe and amazement at love’s potent surge and power. Love is portrayed as a force that transmutes us into harmonious grace, bringing us closer together in a bond that grows with time. The use of the word “synchronicity” suggests a deep connection and alignment between the lovers, as if they are in perfect harmony with each other.

    The poem concludes with the affirmation that love is an eternal agreement between the lovers, something that transcends time and space. The use of the word “eternity” implies a timeless and everlasting quality to their love, reinforcing the depth and significance of their bond.

    Overall, “Love” by Liam portrays love as a powerful and transformative force that transcends boundaries and unifies souls. The poem captures the complexities, depth, and beauty of love, while also hinting at its mysterious and unpredictable nature.

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