The Essence

Poetry: The Essence

by Liam

Oh, rose! How your beauty does entreat,

With fragrance wafting on the wind so sweet,

Tis essence that revives our memories,

Of where we braved life’s uncharted seas.

Yet, in your splendor lies a subtle snare,

That captures those who would not take care,

Your thorns beguile the ones impatient,

Who’d seek your beauty without recreant.

So, let us heed the rose’s sage advice,

And take the time to see its thorny vice,

For essence and beguilement both doth teach,

That beauty is not all it seems to reach.

Oh, rose! Your fragrance lingers still,

Teaching us wisdom through your thorny thrill.
































One thought on “The Essence

  1. Analysis:Essence

    The poem “The Essence” is a beautiful portrayal of the complexity of beauty and the lessons it teaches. The poet uses the rose as a symbol of beauty, fragrance, and danger, and suggests that beauty is not all it seems to be.
    The first stanza begins with an exclamation of admiration for the rose’s beauty and fragrance, which reminds us of the memories we have of our past experiences. The rose is portrayed as a metaphor for life’s journey and how we navigate the uncharted seas of life.
    The second stanza introduces the darker side of the rose’s beauty, which can be a subtle snare for the impatient and careless. The thorns represent the dangers and challenges that come along with pursuing beauty, and the poem advises us to take the time to appreciate the rose’s thorny vice.
    In the final stanza, the poem concludes by emphasizing the importance of learning from the rose’s essence and beguilement. The rose’s thorny thrill teaches us valuable lessons about the dangers of being careless in our pursuit of beauty, and the importance of taking time to appreciate both the beauty and the thorns.
    Overall, “The Essence” is a thought-provoking poem that reminds us of the complexity of beauty and the lessons it teaches us. It encourages us to be patient, mindful, and appreciative of both the beauty and the challenges that come with it.

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