Poetry: Masquerade

by Liam

Its you who fills the blue

Those immense clouds in white

Embracing all within there might

But the light, streaming forth from heavens orb

To me, awakening, warming my now naked soul

It’s in these brief moments of respite

My chest arched

My arms outstretched

My hearts red blood

Inviting me to integrate

Together with this cosmic call

To be clothed in hues, tones of who I could become

Wrapped in an inclination of what I’ve always been

Yet till now have never seen

Or felt, or rent this masquerade

The truth now is to embrace, to love, to step forward

Grabbing grace and laughing

In the sun

With the light

Try try try

It’s never too late to Inaugurate.

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One thought on “Masquerade

  1. The poem “Masquerade” by Liam describes the transformative power of nature and the cosmic call to embrace one’s true self. The speaker uses vivid imagery to portray the beauty of the natural world, specifically the immense white clouds and the light streaming from the sun.

    The poem also expresses the speaker’s desire to shed their old self, represented by the metaphor of a masquerade, and become who they truly are. This transformation is portrayed as a process of integration and self-discovery, with the speaker’s chest arched, arms outstretched, and heart inviting them to embrace their true identity.

    The final lines of the poem emphasize the importance of taking action and stepping forward to embrace one’s true self, no matter how late it may seem. The use of the word “Inaugurate” suggests a new beginning, a fresh start on a journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

    Overall, “Masquerade” is a powerful reflection on the transformative power of nature and the importance of embracing one’s true self. The poem encourages the reader to embrace their identity and take action towards a fulfilling life, even if it requires shedding old masks and facing fears.

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